Coffee with dark chocolate

Traditionally, Brazilian coffee is sweet, strong and full, with notes of dark chocolate and nuts.

But to make the taste even more vivid, try to diversify your morning coffee by adding dark chocolate and milk.


natural ground coffee Lacomba;

dark chocolate;


In a strong hot coffee, a little dark chocolate is dissolved, then add 30g of hot milk, sugar to taste, and top it with whipped cream. This drink to be served in a cup of 100 ml.


Coffee in Brazilian way with orange juice


Ground coffee Lacomba - 2 tea spoons

lemon - 1 piece.

orange - 1 piece.

filtered water - 150 ml.

sugar - 2 tea spoons.

cream - to taste


Preparation of the recipe:

Brew the coffee in any method. Strain it through a filter and allow it to cool slightly. Rinse the citruses well, squeeze a little juice from orange (about one tablespoon), and from lemon - about one teaspoon.

Take a glass for hot drinks, parboil it. Pour into it the freshly brewed coffee and add the squeezed juices of orange and lemon, stir well. Brasilian coffee is ready. Decorate it to taste with whipped cream and orange peel. This drink invigorates perfectly and fills with mood for the whole day


Cappuccino “Brigadeiro” with boiled condensed milk


This dessert coffee is the very thing for afternoon bliss, Brazilian look at the beloved cappuccino. 


3 teaspoons of the boiled condensed milk

1 tablespoon of coffee Lacomba

2 teaspoons of condensed milk


chocolate crumb and chocolate syrup (optional) 


coffee filter

french press or any other milk foamer


Pour boiled condensed milk to the bottom of the cup, prepare coffee (for example, through a filter), add to a cup and stir.

Make milky foam: for this purpose heat the milk, pour it into the french press and several times raise and lower the piston until the foam forms. If you do not have a french press, hot milk may be beaten with a conventional blender or even a whisk.

After the foam is ready, mix it with the condensed milk and pour atop the coffee. Sprinkle the drink with chocolate chips and add the syrup.

Your delicious dessert is ready. Share it with your loved ones!