Сafe brasiliero


Brazil - not only the largest coffee exporter in the world, but also the largest coffee consumer on the planet. In Brazil, drinking a lot of coffee - from 5 to 10 cups of cafezinho, became a daily ritual. 

Brazilians love soft, sweet and strong coffee, and everything is subordinated to this taste: both the beans, and its roasting, and the ways of brewing.





Cultivation of coffee in Brazil: special taste of coffee beans
The country's coffee plantations occupy about 10,000 square miles, and are mainly located in the south-eastern states - Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Parana, where the climate is ideal for growing coffee. Coffee plantations are located here on small elevations or even on plains. Therefore, the taste of most varieties of Brazilian Arabica is strong and even, without characteristic sourness.




The traditional way of drying coffee in Brazil is dry, on the sun.
Coffee grains, naturally dried, are fed with fructose from pulp of berries, and the taste of coffee beans became sweet, soft, rounded.



Traditional coffee roasting in Brazil

The approach to coffee roasting is very important in Brazil - the coffee roast in sucha way that the maximum caramelization of coffee occurs, to saturate the taste with sweet notes. In this case, the saturation of taste and soft gourd remain, the aftertaste is long and sweet again. Chocolate, caramel notes, nuts. 





Traditional approach for coffee grinding  in Brazil

Тraditional grinding method  is a fine grinding (but not as a Turkish, larger). This approach to brewing gives the opportunity to get a rich taste of coffee, but at the same time do not pull out excessive bitterness from it, because still the softness of taste in the foreground.



The traditional method of making coffee in Brazil

Traditionally, Brazilian coffee is prepared by a simple method - brewing ground coffee through a filter cloth (called "a sock" in Brasil)
This way of brewing is rather simple: you just have to shed hot water (but not boiling) through a filter with ground coffee. 
1. Boil the water and then wait a couple of minutes until it cools down to the required temperature (90-92 ° C). 
2. Meanwhile, install a fabric filter: on the weight (in the hand), on the stand, or directly on the coffee pot / jug, into which the finished coffee will drain. 
3. In the filter put the ground coffee Lacomba. For one cup you will need 1 tablespoon (2 teaspoons) of ground coffee and 100-150 ml of water. 
3. Slowly pour hot water into the filter. The coffee filter that is flowing from the filter is ready for use.